SuryaZyme is an advanced microbial solution for eco-friendly environmental pollution. These are robust facultative microorganisms, macro and micro nutrients containing bacterial consortium which can grow over a wide range of temperature and pH.

It rapidly breaks down and digest waste organic matter into natural gases without creating biomass, reducing BOD, COD, Fatty Acids, Oil, grease, Hydrocarbons, Ammonical nitrates, suspended solids and many more.

Benefits of our biological culture

Commissioning – SuryaZyme culture help in quick & effective commissioning of aerobic and anaerobic systems.  It is cost effective and time saving

Performance Improvement – By using our cultures the performance of treatment system can be improved by further in terms of reduction in COD / BOD values.

Tackling Shock loads – The organic / hydraulic shock loads/ power failure coming to ETP/ STP can be very effectively handled by using our SuryaZyme Culture.

Our products have the following performance characteristics

- 20% reduction in the total cost of effluent treatments

- Up to 95%BOD reduction and 80% of COD reduction

- Energy savings potential up to 30%

- Improves the quality of tertiary treatments

We also provide technical services through our experienced persons to guide our customers for use of our culture & development of healthy biomass. Our expert advice will also help you in controlling other operational parameters & trouble shooting of the systems.