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Cabot Water Treatment

With a history of over 90 years, Cabot/Norit is a global leader in the research, development, manufacturing and sale of over 150 different high-grade activated carbon formulations used in a growing range of environmental, health, safety and industrial applications.

Cabot/Norit Activated Carbon products are suitable for treating source water contaminants, whether in low or high concentration alone or in combination with other contaminants.

Cabot Food and Beverage

Breweries as well as manufacturers of starches, juices & beverages, sugar, glucose and inverted syrup use Cabot/Norit’s products for decolorization or deodorization in final finish products. Several of them trust Surya Corporation as their chief supplier, given our more than 10 years in partnership with Cabot/Norit.

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Cabot Pharmaceuticals

Ever since 2008, Surya Corporation has supplied Cabot’s activated carbon products that are made to exacting quality standards and are well-known for their performance and consistency. Activated carbon is an important tool in the purification of intermediates and end products for the pharmaceutical industry. With its adsorption capacity for a wide range of organic molecules, varying from odorous compounds to dark-coloured bodies and proteins.

Products offered: