Construction Chemicals

The role of chemicals & industrial coating goes well beyond concrete mixes for the infrastructure and building construction industries, both sunrise sectors in a fast-developing economy like India. Today, the range includes waterproofing chemicals, floorings, self-repairing mortars, roof coatings, and a lot more.

Surya Corporation represents Dow Chemicals, a leading chemical manufacturer for the construction industry, aimed at improving the performance, durability, and aesthetics of buildings and infrastructure. Surya Corporation brings to the table years of hands-on expertise helping clients in a range of processes, from smoother concrete pours to improved setting, leaving fewer structural faults.

Construction Chemicals


  ELASTENE™ 8850 Acrylic Emulsion ( UV and Ambient Cross-linking 100% Acrylic Polymer for Elastomeric Coatings):

ELASTENE™ 8850 Acrylic Emulsion is the latest APEO-free, 100% acrylic polymer specifically designed for use in exterior flexible coatings with excellent dirt pick-up resistance in hot and humid tropical climate. The soft backbone of ELASTENE™ 8850 Acrylic Emulsion allows the formation of an integrated, continuous film under ambient conditions without the need for a coalescing solvent and maintains long lasting flexibility. At the same time ELASTENE™ 8850 Acrylic Emulsion contains oxidative ambient and UV cross linking which results in paint film with good balance of toughness, flexibility, dirt pick-up and chemical resistance that other externally plasticized polymers cannot deliver. This unique chemistry offers high scrub resistance and excellent stain resistance; hence ELASTENE™ 8850 Acrylic Emulsion is also well suited for interior applications.

100% acrylic polymer

APEO free

Excellent dirt pick-up resistance

Excellent scrub & stain resistance

Enhanced balance of flexibility with dirt pick-up resistance

Suitable for high performance interior or exterior coating

Excellent exterior durability

  PRIMAL™ AS-8012 (Styrene Acrylic Copolymer):

PRIMAL™ AS-8012 Styrene Acrylic Copolymer is a next generation of environmentally advanced binder for highly flexible cement-modified building products. PRIMAL™ AS-8012 Styrene Acrylic Copolymer is designed for modifying cement to offer a good flexibility, a critical requirement in waterproofing application. This binder imparts high water and alkaline resistance making it suitable for flexible and water-resistant two-component mortars. In addition, it offers significant advance with regard to its environmental performance. It is APEO-free* and formaldehyde-free** and has a very low VOC content. It also helps to achieve improved cement and powder compatibility coupled with a very good balance of mechanical performance, which fits well with the industry requirement in being environmentally advanced as well as a high performance product solution.

Balanced mechanical properties

Special polymer design

Designed for waterproof coating

Better powder compatibility

Achieve both high tensile strength and elongation in the formulation

Good water and alkali resistance

Formulation could help to achieve better impermeability and crack bridge performance

Improve formulation stability and workability

  PRIMAL™ AC-8349S Acrylic Emulsion for High-Performance coating:

PRIMAL™ AC-8349S is based on Dow Company's widely successful full-acrylic platform. It shows good abrasion resistance. excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation, excellent adhesion to masonry. wood, metal and old paint surfaces, very good alkaline resistance and a good balance of DPUR and durability. It is recommended for exterior applications.

100% pure acrylic

Specially designed

Suitable glass transition temperature

Excellent durability and colour retention

Excellent adhesion on various base surfaces

Suitable hardness


100% acrylic emulsion for two-pack cement-based formulae.

Low viscosity emulsion designed expressly for enhancing the strength, durability and adhesion of cement-based products.

Dramatically improves the water-proofing properties of renders.

Formulated systems show no colour development or degradation on long-term o exposure.

Pot-life properties are largely unaffected although - as with many polymeric additives - strength development can delayed.

Especially suitable for external spray applied and patching applications.

  PRIMAL™ AC-3001 (100% Pure Acrylic Emulsion Polymer for Concrete Sealer):

PRIMAL™ AC-3001 has very special polymer design, showing super water resistance and hydrophobic properties. PRIMAL™ AC-3001 is suitable for clear or tinted top coating to protect different substrate like concrete, ceramic tile, architecture coating and wood. It could also get good UV resistance and dirt pick up performance.

Superior water bleaching resistance

Lower dosage of film forming additives

Early stage blocking resistance

Special polymer design

Low water absorption

Good outdoor weather resistance

Excellent adhesion

Very hydrophobic and good UV resistance