Water Treatment

Water Treatment



Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals

DOW Water Treatment

Dow products are made to high industry standards, backed by a heritage of innovation and a proven track record of purity and reliability.

Surya Corporation has had a relationship with Dow Chemicals since 1988 to provide original, innovative products for use in water treatment in refineries, fertiliser and power plants and other industries. These products have applications in in the fields of corrosion control and scale inhibition in cooling towers and other water systems.

DOW Coatings

Surya Corporation has had a relationship with Dow Chemicals since 1988. We represent them in South India for the coatings vertical.

DOW Construction Chemicals

Primal AS 8000 Cementitious Waterproofing Membranes

Surya Corporation represents Dow's portfolio of acrylic emulsion polymers for the formulation of 2K cementitious waterproofing membranes. They offer reliable adhesion, durable flexibility and tensile strength under different climatic conditions.

Primal MC 76 Repair Mortar

Enquire with Surya Corporation for Dow acrylic emulsion polymers. Improved adhesion, enhanced elasticity and flexural as well as impact strength are some benefits. A choice of products suitable for different temperature conditions is available.

Elastene 8850 Elastomeric Roof Coatings & Membranes

Surya Corporation offers you a range of advanced liquid-applied roof coatings, developed with more than 30 years' experience in acrylic emulsion polymers. The portfolio includes products suitable for various environmental conditions and performance requirements, including Cool Reflective Roof Coatings.

Other Products

  • Primal AS 8599 – Acrylic-styrene emulsion polymer for waterproof dispersion-based coating
  • PRIMAL™ AC-3001 – 100% pure acrylic emulsion polymer for concrete sealer
  • PrimalTM AC-8349S – Acrylic emulsion for high-performance coating.