Sudarshan Chemicals

  Sudarshan Chemicals :

Sudarshan Chemicals is a leading colour & effect pigment manufacturer with experience of over 60 years, who picked Surya Corporation as their representative in 2019. Sudarshan Chemicals offers a complete palette of colours for everyday use, with durable colour and special effects. Their range of classical and high performance organic, inorganic and effect pigments offers formulators choice without compromise. Sudarshan Chemicals is a leading global producer of performance colorants, manufacturing an extensive range of Organic, Inorganic and Pearlescent pigments as well as Dispersions. Sudarshan's quality pigments and dispersions add outstanding performance, long term protection, brilliant colour and special effect to the Coatings. Their performance range of heavy metal free organic pigments offers exceptional choice to formulate bright, solid colours. Transparent and semi-transparent colours are easily combined with Sudarshan’s SumicaTM pearlescent pigments, or with metallic pigments, to produce durable special effect colours for the automotive industry. They are suitable for interior and exterior use. Since 2019, Surya Corporation has brought on board the extensive portfolio of Sudarshan Chemicals. Those in the Coatings industry can avail of their extensive range of Organic, Inorganic and Pearlescent pigments and dispersions catering to the Coating Industries.

  Ranges offered :

Pigments for decorative paints





Pigments for durable colour


Pearlescent pigments