Surya Corporation :

Surya Corporation is a solution-driven company offering a comprehensive range of products and services to meet the adsorption and purification needs of our clients. Our product range includes Activated Carbon and Advanced Microbial Solutions, which are suitable for a variety of applications.

SuryaSorb™ (Activated Carbon)

One of our flagship products is SuryaSorb™ Activated Carbon, which is a premium grade of coconut shell and wood-based activated carbon.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, located in South India, produces this high-quality product.

SuryaSorb™ Activated Carbon is available in different iodine values, MB values, and surface areas, and can be obtained in powdered, granular, and extruded forms.

We work closely with our customers to understand their challenges and provide innovative solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and how we can help you achieve your adsorption and purification goals.

  Water Treatment :

Surya Corporation offers a wide range of powder, granular, and extruded activated carbon solutions for various water and wastewater applications. Our solutions are designed to treat, retreat, and reuse water to improve its quality. We provide comprehensive solutions from start to finish, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service. Our team of experts is equipped to handle unique problems and can design custom solutions to achieve the best water quality.


SuryaSorb's Extruded and Granular Coconut Shell Carbon is the ideal solution for Point of Entry (POE) and Point of Use (POU) filters in water treatment and purification. These filters effectively purify water by removing unwanted tastes and odors, pesticides, micropollutants, chlorine, and chlorine compounds using our high-quality water treatment and purification chemicals. Our carbon, derived from renewable and sustainable coconut shells, is processed through extrusion and granulation to create a highly porous material, perfect for water filtration. It excels in removing impurities, ensuring the highest water quality. Whether you require a POE or POU filter, our Extruded and Granular Coconut Shell Carbon is a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective choice, making it an excellent investment for any home or business seeking the best water filtration solutions. Trust us to deliver top-notch water treatment and purification chemical solutions.

Municipal Wastewater Management

Municipal wastewater treatment is a crucial process that utilizes activated carbon to eliminate micropollutants and impurities from all wastewater generated in towns and cities. This includes wastewater from various sources such as kitchens, sinks, baths, gardens, and toilets. The presence of organic contaminants and man-made chemicals in this wastewater can pose a significant threat to the environment, wildlife, and human health. At Surya Corporation, we understand the importance of treating municipal wastewater to ensure its safety before it is reintroduced into the environment. That's why we offer a wide range of Coal and Coconut shell Activated carbon solutions that are specifically designed to treat municipal wastewater effectively.

We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that our solutions are efficient and cost-effective. With our extensive experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for municipalities looking to treat their wastewater.

Drinking Water Purification

Activated carbon is an essential component in the process of ensuring safe and healthy drinking water treatment. SuryaSorb lists a comprehensive range of high-performing specialist products, including Coal and Coconut Shell Carbon, along with top-notch services and full technical support.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

In every industry, the generation of wastewaters is an inevitable reality. These wastewaters are often laden with a variety of dissolved contaminants, including both hazardous and non-hazardous toxics. The specific contaminants present in the water will vary depending on the industry or activity in question.

While some companies may choose to recycle this water back into their manufacturing process, it is more common for it to be returned to the environment, such as a nearby sea or river. At Surya Corporation, we understand the importance of treating industrial water to remove toxins and contaminants to the highest possible level. That's why we offer a range of Powder and Granular Carbon options that are specifically designed to address the unique needs of each industry.

Our advanced treatment methods ensure that the water is made safe for its next purpose, whether that be for recycling, reuse, or disposal. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, you can trust that your industrial water will be treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Process Water and Ultra-pure Water for the Industrial process

Process water and ultra-pure water are both types of water that have undergone rigorous treatment and purification processes to meet strict industry standards. These specialized waters are utilized in various manufacturing processes across a wide range of industries and are not intended for human consumption.

It is important to note that the specific specifications and requirements for these types of water can vary greatly depending on the industry and process in question. As such, it is crucial for manufacturers to carefully consider their unique needs and select the appropriate type of water accordingly.

Our team of technical experts is equipped to provide you with valuable advice on the most suitable grade of activated carbon to achieve optimal results in your unique industrial water treatment situation.

  Food & Beverages :

The food and beverage production industries are among the most heavily regulated sectors.

SuryaSorb provides a range of granular, and powder activated carbon products that not only eliminate harmful contaminants but also enhance taste, color, and odor.

SuryaSorb carbon solutions are extensively utilized by beverage manufacturers for water purification and process decolorization.

Our products are trusted by leading brands in the industry and have a proven track record of success.

Our products are trusted by leading brands in the industry and have a proven track record of success.

  Edible oil purification :

Activated carbon is commonly used in edible oil purification for both:

  • Colour modification
  • Toxic contaminants removal (PAH – Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Dioxines and PCB – Polychlorinated Bipheny) SuryaSorb™ powdered activated carbons provide industry leading performance in this application.

  Brewing, Bottling and Soft Drinks and Fruit Juice

To meet the rigorous demands of the beverage industry and food standards, water utilized in the production of beer, bottled water, and soft drinks must undergo treatment with activated carbon.

This process effectively removes a wide range of contaminants, unwanted compounds, as well as unpleasant tastes and odors from the product water. SuryaSorb™ carbon products are specifically designed to provide superior results in this regard, ensuring that the water quality meets the highest standards of purity and taste.


Surya Corporation provides a range of activated carbon products that excel in eliminating undesired by-products from a variety of sweeteners.

SuryaSorb activated carbon are also utilized for decolorization purposes.